About Us

Human trafficking, “the slave trade” is the second largest criminal organization operating globally with an estimated 32 billion dollars in human sales annually and 27 million people are enslaved globally today. It is the second largest criminal organization in the world falling behind the drug industry!  There are more people enslaved today than at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1800s.  That is why we need your help in fighting human trafficking here in Western New York and abroad.

"We believe that through prayer and hard work we can make a difference."

Founded in 2011

That is why in 2011 United Hands of Hope House, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)3 charity was founded.  United Hands of Hope House has been working ever since toward our mission to promote educational training to our local communities while providing female survivors of human trafficking a safe place where they can live and begin the long process of recovery.  Our eventual goal of one day is to provide "living" support and/or our own "safe place" for victims of human trafficking to recover in, weather that be in our own home or existing charitable organizations.  Our original founders included a handful of wonderful people that wanted to make a difference!  Most notably our original founders, Elizabeth Fildes, Aimee Wheeler and Karen O'Hara who started the journey and have continued to help lay a path toward success.  We are forever internally grateful for their support and leadership.

Our Board

Karen OHara, Irene Majchrzak, Talia Rodriquez, Father Joe Billotti, Gisela Zell, (bio's coming)